For over 35 years, Finding Solutions for  your Computer
& Internet Issues!

· Repairs, Upgrades, Maintenance of your  systems

· Setup & Migration of  New &  Replacement Systems

· Sales, Service & Support Network  Hardware  (Servers, Hubs, Switches, Firewalls,  Routers, Printers …)

· Remote, On-Site or Phone Based Support  (Office, Adobe, QuickBooks, Windows, Explorer, Chrome, etc …)

· Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

· Network and Computer Security Checkups

· Spyware, Adware, Virus & Worm  detection & removal

· Wire & Wireless Network Design, Setup  & Implementation

· Mobile & Tablet Support, Integration  & Custom Apps

· Complete SEO  (Search Engine Optimization)  services

· Social  Media support: Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, etc

·  Organic  Place & Map pages:  Google, Yahoo,  etc

·  Websites:  Design, Facelifts and Maintenance

· Website  Optimization & SEO visibility

· Traffic  Monitoring, Reporting & Analyst

· Web  Hosting & Email Services

·  WWW Registry services

·  Internet  Marketing: SEM, PPC, AdWords, etc

·  Ad  Campaigns / Marketing


…. or whatever else you need to keep
your Computers or Internet running

smoothly & efficiently!

Don’t get Frustrated ….Call!


Our Services have entailed:

Developing Solutions..
Discussing with our client’s their needs. what it is they need, and providing them with dependable and economical solutions that will best fulfill their requirements, and allow for future growth.

Internet Services.
Web Site and Domain hosting and development. Internet E-Mail hosting, Online Store Hosting (coming soon) Web Design, Web database hosting, custom tailored Php/MySQL applications.

Computer Repairs. 
Keeping your existing hardware up and running tip top, until the time is right for upgrades and replacements.

Custom Application Programming.Building applications that will allow for both Home and Business automation. We take the mission critcal part of your work process, and design a computer application to streamline your work flow so it runs smooth and with ease.

Providing support for current Networks or the installation of a new network.

Providing Computer Systems and Hardware.
Installation of new hardware or software in your current system. Building a custom systems to fit your needs.

Support and Training.
Offer both training and support in a multitude of software packages.



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